Be Yourself

Remember seeing a magic trick for the first time? I mean a real magic trick…where you said to yourself that’s impossible. It defies natural law. Like watching someone walk down the side of a building without falling and with no wires attached. If the artist would show you the techniques of how he did it you would still be amazed, just not mystified.

He would tell you how it was at first just a thought in his mind and how he had to make a decision to figure out what obstacles he would overcome to be able to perform this “magic”.

He would tell you about what he had to give first before he amazed you and everyone you know. This article is to introduce you to the Be – Do – Have philosophy. To people who have not been taught this information it may seem like magic but all you have to do is GIVE your mind the command of whatever it is you want. You see you must BE first before you can DO and you must do before you can HAVE. The philosophy works forward or backward because to have what you want you must do what is necessary (with an attitude of gratitude of course) and you must be the person who decides you can. Please don’t let my simplistic explanation reflect this profound message.

  1. Know what is coming and going: It’s amazing how few small businesses have any idea of their daily, weekly, and monthly numbers and financial trends in the organization. Spend the necessary time keeping current on understanding cash flow and if you lack the financial skills then hire an bookkeeper or accountant
  2. Set Your Goals: It easier to hit your goal when you have a target set up. Having objectives is an essential part of business success. (See our Foundations for Business™ program)
  3. Use High Impact Marketing: It’s easy to waste money on ineffective marketing. Learn how to use low budget high impact marketing to improve your small business.