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Bringing focus and clarity to your business. 

Superior individuals and the best companies are very clear on who they are and what they want. They know how to prioritize the strategies needed to accomplish their most important objectives. They are always looking for small 1% improvements in everything they do.

                                                                                      “MAKE IT YOUR BEST YEAR EVER”

  • Beat procrastination – Focus and clarity are everything. Dan helps businesses and individuals get clear on what they want and over procrastination to get it done.
  • Avoid the failure cycle – With over 30 years of focus and discipline as an entrepreneur and business owner himself he inspires, educates and motivates individuals and companies to reach even higher success. By understanding avoidance behaviors and the subliminal natural resistance to change.
  • Maximize your results – Let Dan show you the latest proven business strategies used by today’s top producers and businesses.

Success or failure is not a matter of luck, circumstances, fate, or any other reason. Individuals, businesses and organizations that follow Dan’s proven strategies save their most valuable resources: time, money and personnel.


Keynote speaker – Public & In-house training events – 1 on 1 Consulting sessions.

“Since our Focus and Clarity meeting one short month ago, my business has attained a 250% increase in client visits. This in turn positively impacted my income in a similar fashion. Your advice for me to “pick a lane”, to streamline my messaging, and to move forward with laser focus has already resulted in clear progress for my business. Thank you.”

L . Bartley, TTRP Owner
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