One of my mentors and hero’s was the late great Zig Ziglar. He was a great motivational speaker and even greater human being. He was the reason I choose to be a professional speaker. He said “If you help enough other people get what they want in life, you will always get what you want in life and what you deserve. This is the truth to have.

  1. Decide what you truly want to have: This is very important question because you can ask for whatever you want of life. But once you’ve set the price you must bear the task.
  2. How much would you sell me your eyes for? What about a leg or an arm? We have all heard of multi-million dollar law suits that paid someone for losing a limb. If you are lucky enough to still be fully in tact you are already wealthy.
  3. Now it’s time to figure out how much you actually need to be, do and have what you truly want out of life. For this exercise write down, and I know this is hard, what is the value of your health, your freedom? Just put down a dollar value. You’ll quickly see how truly wealthy you are already.
  4. Remember money isn’t everything but it’s like the air we breathe. As soon as it stops we notice immediately. So you need to set a financial goal for your business.
  5. When you set this financial goal do not write down what you think you can make. Write down what you want to make based on what you truly need.
  6. Answer these questions: Write your answers down so you can see them on paper. What does it cost to run your business? Auto, cell phones, staff, taxes anything and all things for your business. Next how much do you need for your living expenses? Rent or mortgage, food etc. What does it cost for your personal growth? Remember your business won’t grow if you don’t. You need to go to seminars, invest in yourself for the highest returns! Finally what amount do you put down for personal recreation, to sharpen the saw, to take your family and/or yourself away on a few vacations a year to recharge?
  7. When you have those totals add about 15% to that amount for tax. We all love roads and schools right?
  8. Now that you are absolutely clear on what you need to earn. You can start your primary plans or update them. Primary plans are just objectives you can think of now. Do a business plan or update your plan with the people, groups and organizations you will need to work with. Note the obstacles that you need to overcome. Set a new plan. Write down the rewards you will receive for reaching your financial and business goal. Once you have done that, secondary plans will naturally come to you in brilliant insights and flashes of thought. Write these idea’s down and take action on them immediately.
  9. Enjoy the Journey: At the end of your life there will be a tombstone with two dates, the first is the day and year you were born. The second is the day and year you die. The dash in-between is your journey. Make sure you are doing what you love and I promise you the money will follow.