Remember seeing a magic trick for the first time? I mean a real magic trick…where you said to yourself that’s impossible. It defies natural law. Like watching someone walk down the side of a building without falling and with no wires attached. If the artist would show you the techniques of how he did it you would still be amazed, just not mystified.

He would tell you how it was at first just a thought in his mind and how he had to make a decision to figure out what obstacles he would overcome to be able to perform this “magic”.

He would tell you about what he had to give first before he amazed you and everyone you know. This article is to introduce you to the Be – Do – Have philosophy. To people who have not been taught this information it may seem like magic but all you have to do is GIVE your mind the command of whatever it is you want. You see you must BE first before you can DO and you must do before you can HAVE. The philosophy works forward or backward because to have what you want you must do what is necessary (with an attitude of gratitude of course) and you must be the person who decides you can. Please don’t let my simplistic explanation reflect this profound message.

  1. Becoming all you want to be is remembering who you truly are. That you already have everything you want to be inside of you. All of the resources you need to create it are inside of you right now. What you are looking for is not out there in the world that you see. If your level of self-esteem, confidence or abundance is dependent on circumstances that are external to you, then you will live in constant fear of them being taken away. Your true power is from believing that the source of all that you want is within you.
  2. To succeed at a high level you must consciously choose to close your mind to all negativity that surrounds you and everyone.
  3. Release the brakes from your mind. This is just saying you let go of fear, blame, excuses and denial. Let go of thoughts that are not in line with who you want to be. You make the decision to be – by taking personal responsibility.
  4. This is how we take the brakes off. Be willing to focus your mind inside with your thoughts: Sometimes it feels easier to keep our focus outside and look for self-worth in external circumstances.
  5. You are already complete: Many people feel overwhelmed by thinking and the feeling of not being good enough. This is an illusion that exists in our socially conditioned minds, through constant exposer to media that tells us we are incomplete in some way.
  6. There is nothing wrong with you, and this belief that you are somehow flawed is like having a parking brake on that you need to release to move your life and business forward.
  7. The answers are within you: Listen to your inner voice of your intuition which loves and adores you. Our egos have a much louder voice which booms through our minds. Any time you tell yourself you cannot do something or have something, you are lying to yourself. The truth is that you have the ability to become anything you wish. As long as you don’t break universal law or your fellow man’s laws. All you have to do is believe it, and you can achieve it.
  8. It’s an inside job: If you are aware that you have your mental “brakes” on, then it is about time you did something about it. Be aware not to suppress your emotions with food or drugs and distract yourself with television and partying. Get real with yourself. Are there areas where you need to do some inner work? Once I was shown how to break this cycle everything in my life changed for the better.
  9. Enjoy the Journey: Be gentle on yourself, take things one step at a time. Do what feels natural. There is no need to force things. When you are in the habit of doing what’s necessary as a first priority first, your momentum picks up and keeps you moving. That’s when the real magic begins.