Business Consultant and keynote Speaker Dan Zaleski.Dan’s passion and purpose is to help individuals, companies and organizations realize even more of their potential. By sharing tested, proven effective strategies.

Delivering thought provoking, motivating and inspiring keynote speeches on the platform and in his training workshops, he tailors each presentation to your organization’s specific wants and needs.

From the days competing as an international athlete around the world to boardrooms and stages, Dan has a proven record of executing winning strategies for his clients.

Dan confidently helps company owners and leaders further develop their talent assets with the latest breakthrough strategies of focus and clarity to maximize resources of time, capital and people. His experience includes:

  • Being a serial entrepreneur and the former president of Quest Inc., a company he led for over 15 years.
  • He was a top 1% real estate salesman in a market of 3500 realtors.
  • He was the youngest firefighter ever hired by the Vancouver fire department.
  • He is an eighth degree black belt master instructor.

Dan’s background and diverse life experiences blend with his natural connection with people to wow his audiences. Get your team, group or organization to truly understand the power of personal power.

Contact Dan, you’ll look great; your team will be empowered, educated and invigorated.

When you hire Dan Zaleski

When you hire Dan Zaleski, you get a professional speaker who is as comfortable with a group of a few dozen people and equally at home delivering a keynote or seminar in front of hundreds. His energy and enthusiasm to share what he is so passionate about makes his audience members feel he is speaking right to them. He delivers insights and those ah ha moments that connect with people. He uses proven strategies and natural motivation to master your inner world to maximize your results.

Here’s what people are saying:

“Your goal paradigm system to write my goals to generate a new thought pattern and to remove negative thoughts and people (from my inner circle) were incredible”
Sue Freeman Photographer – Portrait Art Photography

“Of all the idea’s that you shared, I found I connected to the Burning desire and the organized plan strategy. It wakes me up at night with insights and ah ha moments. Thank you so much”
James MacKay, Business Mentorship/Personal Development

“Dan, thanks for reminding me to keep my mind closed to all negativity on purpose! I found the ideas of the evidence journal and the use of your exercise the 6 w’s to be most useful”
Clint Best, Business Coach – Kaizen Business Development

“The idea of having a system to mechanically execute the ideas and to write it down everyday for thirty days I found was most useful. I look forward to your next seminar.”
Dale Olson, Realtor – Century 21

“I have been talking to everyone about this seminar! The best ideas I found were – “Positive affirmations, (properly executed) and mastermind group concepts to generate thoughts that produce incredible results, thank you Dan”
Jon Dutchak, Manager – Food & Beverage Industry

“The number one benefit I got from your seminar was writing out the “I am”… and the new truth exercise.

Wade Bachelder Sales expert