Are you serious or just interested?

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Are you serious or just interested?

It’s 5am; your hand barely makes it to the alarm clock. The voices in your head start telling you…it’s too early, too dark and too cold to get out of bed. But you didn’t ask their opinion; you choose to listen to your own voice.

Right at that moment you get to decide are you serious or just interested? Do I hit the snooze button or command my mind to remember why I set the alarm.

Focus your mind and remember – luck is the dying wish of those that believe success happens by accident. Success on the other hand knows it’s a choice.

Your feet hit the floor as you continue the battle for your mind. With one step comes another and now your voice in your head says yes I can. You burn away any self-doubt, fear and worry with the fire that’s in your heart, you know your reasons why.

When you’re serious and striving for greatness some people around you will tell you what you’re doing isn’t the safe way or common sense. The easy way out will always be there if you are just interested.

When you’re serious you know exactly what you want, you do what you need to do. When you really want to achieve your goal you’ll always do what’s necessary. Listen to the voice that’s serious and says you’re ready, I’m prepared.

Now ask yourself the question, are you serious or are you just interested?